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I love Melbourne!

I need you to picture something with me. Picture a wonderful blue sky Autumn day, it’s about 24 degrees (75f) and the air is moving lazily through the tall skyscrapers of Melbourne Australia. It’s about 5:30 in the afternoon just as the shadows grow long and the light turns golden from the setting sun, a scene that never ceases to be beautiful. I see two people having just looked at each other in the eye and taking turns and exchanged vows of love, of commitment, of honesty and trust. Then one by one they looked at each and when asked the question of whether they will take each other to have and to hold, in sickness and in health until death do they part willingly and happily they each said.

I do.

I capture this wedding ceremony with my camera making sure, damn sure that I capture all of the moments before me. When the moment comes where the husband kisses the bride my camera, shooting at seven photos a second captures during the six second kiss forty two perfect photos. Because you know, you can never be to sure :)

The ceremony took place in an outdoor cafe along the beautiful Yarra river during the yearly festival called ‘Moomba’. I was warned light heartedly that it would be a little crazy, which is to say that normally a peaceful city is turned upside down with thousands of people walking around in a festival feel in the air. I worried that as people walked by people would call out, heckle and interrupt the ceremony.

What struck me a beautiful moment however was during the whole ceremony not a single stranger as they walked by witnessing the ceremony as made any offensive comment or any comments at all. In the moments where I could steal a glance I saw lots and lots of people just standing and witnessing what was going on. They all had warm smiles on their faces, some taking photos but enjoying the moment of watching two complete strangers marry each other. During the kiss they even applauded with family and friends. A truly beautiful moment. 

We left the cafe and went on our photowalk. With all the nervous tension in the air now evaporated the blissfully happy couple could relax. 

This is where things turned wonderfully wonderfully weird.

Walking throughout and finding a place to pose and take photos group of girls walked by and one of them, well there is no other way of putting it. Was wearing a chicken outfit. Why? Because it’s Melbourne and if you want to wear a chicken outfit you pretty much can. They all ‘awwwwwwwed’ as they kissed for the photo and well before I could stop myself I asked the happy couple of they would like a chicken in the photo, for you know.. The memories. They laughed and agreed!

We laughed our heads off as the chicken posed and I snapped away the photos. I am always blown away by how wonderfully random weddings are, how this city is how and know that this memory will just grow funnier over time as the happy couple grow old together and remember a time when a woman dressed as a chicken posed with them for the wedding photos.

I love my job!