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Photographing Music

So this is a grape vine, at sunset. And that’s all you can say about that really, when you get right down to it. However for me, it’s not. It’s music. 

Let me explain as that probably makes no sense whatsoever. 

So I was on a photo shoot for an engagement (a week before the wedding) somewhere in country Victoria, probably in the middle part but the name escapes me, probably something with the word ‘Valley’ in the end. Anyway I was there shooting the happy couple and the magic hour came and went when just as I placed the camera back in the car, closed the door when I turned around, the sun had just set and it turned the world into a golden yellow. Mid goodbyes I stop talking grabbed my camera and ran up to the vinyard and started taking photos like a madman. 

It was then I realised that I was receiving rather strange looks from the new Bride and Groom to be. It is one thing to hire a photographer that is always extremely keen, but it is another who runs away in mid conversation to take a photo of something strikingly pointless. 

The photo in the can (what I call a shot still in the camera, don’t know why it’s not a film reference but I motion picture reference, and I don’t even think it’s that, anyway I started calling it that and it’s stuck, so if I say that please don’t look confused) wasn’t anything like it was going to be when finished. 

Walking back to the car with an amazing amount of satisfaction on my face I was asked politely what that was all about, I replied that I was able to capture something truly wonderful. When asked I answered, 


Later I was able to make the photo resemble the photo I had inside my head. I didn’t use photoshop but just tweaking the contrast and the shadows a bit made the shadows stand out and now when I look at the wire in the middle of the shot I am reminded of music written down on a sheet of paper. 

It’s one of those shots that just comes around once in a while. I always look at this photo and think one thing. “When you feel the urge to run to a shot but think you probably shouldn't. Unless you are putting yourself in danger you should run, run as fast as you can and take the shot. More often than not it will all work out for the best, if it doesn’t. Well then you just had a bit of exercise and that’s always good for you :)