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Photographing Heston Blumenthal

So I was really lucky to be hired to photograph Heston Blumenthal! After the official shots were taken I asked him if I could try something. I asked him for a minute or two to take a couple of shots saying "It will either work really well or be totally crap" he said "sure mate lets do it!" 

We took a series of shots in about 30 seconds and I showed him them in the camera where in colour he just looked orange...

He gave me the very best "I'm going to be supportive but deep down I think the photo sucks" when he said "oh yeah that's greeeeeeaat" 

I told him not to worry, the photo will be in black and white "oh of course!" He said smiling :)

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, you never know how a photo will turn out. It's worth giving everything a try.. If the photo ends up being kind of capita still a memory. But you won't know unless you try :)