Travels and Stuff

Hello :)

So I love writing.. I love observing this weird and wonderful world around us and on the odd occasion I love to write what I see down and record it. This happens mostly when I travel as that is usually the time I see the world at it's weirdest and most wonderful. I can hardly regard the profound amazement of my inside lounge room and what is happening on the tv right now!

Well not twice anyway.

So this will be the place that I will write for the joy of writing, tell for the joy of telling and show some photos that explain what I see. They probably won't be the best photos so please don't judge me harshly on that. Oh and another thing, please don't tell Mrs Mailoux my grade twelve English teacher that I am doing this. She has suffered enough from reading my prose.

Ok here we go.

Oh another thing, I will most likely flip flop from reminiscing of the past or current event. So if it doesn't make any sense and the ensuing confusion it causes, again I'm sorry. 

Sorry sorry sorry.

Enjoy :)