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Being Very Clear

I need to be very clear right at this point in time. And when I mean clear I mean crystal. What I am trying to be is about as crystal clear as a glass made out of crystal and it is astonishingly clear. The kind a bartending holds up to the light, exhales a breath of amazement and gathers the chaps around and shows them (without letting them touch naturally) the mind blowingly clear crystal he just produced with household cleaning products.

Ok here we go. That Lamborghini you see above, it not my car. Not even close to my car. The red car behind is not my car as well. If it were, if any of them were it would be a point of concern. You see I have left my car at shopping malls and such before and then walked out to carpark purple fish when I should of walked out on green chess piece and wandered around for a while thinking I have lost my car.

If this was my car, if any of them were my car then it would be amazing indeed. For I am Australian, my car is in Australia and those two before you are located in Detroit USA. Also my car is a completely different make and model entirely. So there you go, neither one of those cars are in fact mine.

I asked if I could have the car. The owner said no.

Not my car.

A lovely car though.. As it drove off the noise billowed up the streets like a bull with it’s testicles kicked. The sound echoed off the buildings and was carried by the wind for quite some time.

It’ a Thursday, around 5:00pm and the set of Happy Endings is just wrapping up. It has been a hectic day of acting, more acting and even more acting. If you thought this industry glamorous then you are mistaken..  It’s not, it’s really not.. What it is, is bloody hard work. The main reason is that the actors have to look so perfect all the damn time. No matter what time of the day or night (and allot of day scenes are shot at night.. doesn’t that blow your mind) and no matter what personal tragedies are going on in their personal lives once they step on the set and into the lights they remove their person personas like shedding a bathrobe to step into the shower and become the character..

Think it’s easy? It’s not. Here’s an exercise. On Monday morning walk into work nice and early and then be nice to everyone there… Really damn nice, walk around and high five every one. Pat a few people on the back and laugh at a really pathetic joke. Then as 10:00 comes, do it again.. Then at 11:00, then at 12:00… Then at 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00..

Take a break for 15 minutes to apply makeup.

Then sit in a chair and do nothing for about three hours.. Don’t go home though, you aren’t done.

Then at 20:00 do it again.. 21:00, 22:00..

Then at 23:00 you get to go home.. but tomorrow you have to be back at work the next day at 5:00am and they want you to do it all over again but with a different outfit because your boss wants to try this one out because the last outfit ‘wasn’t quite working’

So as I see people walking around the set with an amazingly positive and joking attitude I did marvel at the energy of everyone. Everyone, and I mean freaking everyone wants to make a really wonderful film.. From the guy bringing the 15th sandbag to hold down a sunlight blocker. To the mic guy, to the directors, actors and the sea of other crew members I don’t know the names or titles for.. Their bustling makes me feel ashamed to be standing there watching it all.

Almost.. I was too busy eating from their snack bar and watching my partner be amazing to be too ashamed :)