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Let me explain this Beer Can


So let me explain this beer car. 

It's about 6:30pm and I'm standing in the main Street of Detroit, just outside the affectionately and artistically named "Central Municipal Building of Detroit" I sit and go through I my photographic gear. Ileana and a small crew are driving around the city doing reaction shots for a car chase scene so I have some time on my hands. Sitting against a stone pillar which I consider way to high for a "municipal building" I chap walks up to me and offers me a beer.

To offer an Australian a beer is a big deal. No it doesn't mean we are now engaged to be married (we stopped doing that about twenty years or so ago) but it is a gesture of friendship which can't be ignored. So I enter the group of people known as the crew and we start a chatting. 

It was a really nice day. Warm, not to windy and perfect to enjoy a beer... I was only half way through and the crew having walked off todo what a crew does when a stranger in an outfit that broadcast "I go to the gym and I care how I look" walks by and asks me.

"So what's going on here?" I explain to him we are a film crew.. Bending the term 'we' to pretty much breaking point. He takes a look around and then asks.

"You filming that Transformers 4 here?" 

"No it's a Bollywood movie, called happy ending"

"Oh!"  He said in surprise.." I see filming going on all over this here town! Ain't that a thing!!" He said.. And having satisfied his curiosity and well having nothing else to talk about save me asking what a 'thing' is he walks off.. After taking about ten steps he turns around and waves and says "you have yourself a great day now you hear!?" 

"I will!" I say back , projecting my voice a little to loud. I didn't want to disappoint him so I planned to have exactly that.. A great day"

That is possibly the third time. A stranger in Detroit has been as nice to me as possible. This is a city where it is apparently a place you do not want to visit. Honestly when it comes to this city, I can't wait to go back!