Eye of Saurabh


On the set of Phtat Poster Nikhla Hero I sit

and watch a scene take place. Sitting in an armchair behind the two monitors the actors take their place as the director barks orders into a microphone. The only two words in English I understand are 'Rolling!' and 'Action!'. 

The actors say their lines, one of them is Saurabh Shukla. You see in this scene with him and his 'goons' are blinded by a flash and spend the entire time running around not knowing where the hero is. It's 11:30 at night and they have been acting all day and still they perform take after take after take.  

"One more for safety!" is called and from past experiences this means that they are three more takes away from finishing. 

On every single shot, this man nailed his expression causing all of the crew to silently laugh with their shoulders shaking. After the final 'one more for safety is taken' we take a break. We chat a bit and then I take this shot..

It was a really nice day :)