I've been to cities, that never close down...

Riding in our warm shuttle bus smelling that universal smell all busses have I gaze out at the airport stretched before me. The vast splendour of concrete and asphalt I see vehicles pass outside my window unique in their design. Lined up row after row looking like some sort of car freak show. A reminder of what happened when " automotive engineers take drugs and design vehicles... So don't do it kids!" My favourite was the one that looks like a large tuning fork. The bus comes to a stop a sign that strangely enough says "Stop for planes" for a large plane was passing by and some idiot thought it wise enough for busses to give way to A380 double decker aircraft..

...I know right... The twit!

Anyway our amazing bus ride across flat roads comes to an end.. Just when I was beginning to enjoy the whole 'lean in and ride the bus like a surfboard trick' I could just feel the people who chose to sit down for the ride think to themselves "god I wish I stood up for this bus ride! I mean look at him... Oh god he is leaning in to the direction where the bus turns... He is actually leaning in!! Oh my god the bus changed from turning left to right and he leaned with it! I need to get that guys autograph!" . Standing in the stationary bus i see after a chap in a weather beaten blue cap comes down from the stairs and give the sort of thumbs up to open the bus door that could not be more dramatic if it was ground control from NASA giving the rocket the thumbs up to blast off. We exit the bus / surfboard and enter the building..

It's at this point in time I wonder to myself who will be the annoying jerk that just has to tell everyone how much he is not happy with this situation... There has to be one... What no one!? Are we going to be all zen like creatures happy with our ultimate destiny to end up back home...

" I'm trying to stay positive I really am but how can ya!?"

*large grin* ahhh perfect..